About Video Fire Detection And Its Advantages

fcam3In the past, fire detection had mostly been the domain of old-fashioned smoke detectors and similar fire detection devices.

These devices had various disadvantages, with their biggest disadvantage being that their range and detection distance is very limited.

Modern fire detection systems, based on optical video fire detection does away with this limitation. Video fire detection can detect fires from a distance, with modern optical fire detection systems capable of detecting flames up to several hundreds of metres.

However, compared to smoke detectors and other such devices, video fire detection systems have many more advantages. Modern video fire detection sensors not only automatically detects flames but can do so complete with precise GPS location data for the location of the flames.

Some devices combine IR detection and digital imaging which makes them exceptionally reliable, virtually cutting out false alarms. Fires can be detected right away and reported within seconds. This cuts down emergency response times and increases the safety of people and property on your site.

Thanks to modern digital imaging technology, video fire protection allows the protection of areas, sites and facilities that previously with conventional methods were thought impossible. These systems can detect even the smallest flames early enough so that greater damage can be prevented. For more information, click here so you can read all about the many advantages of modern video fire detection systems.